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Attitude / mood disorder and one cause of depression are negative thinking, positive thoughts are healthy

Health desk. Positive thinking is a very powerful means to achieve success and to stay healthy. And also to be the most popular. Positive or negative thinking is directly related to the brain. Our brain reacts rapidly to negative thinking and thoughts. Bad news has more impact on us than good news.

Whenever we think positively, our mind assumes that everything is under control and nothing needs to be done for it. But the stress caused by negative thinking causes such changes in the mind that problems like mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and mood disorder start taking birth in the body. Abnormalities can be seen in the brains of people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. This increases the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the body, which hinders normal functions of hormones. Dr. Amulya Seth, know from Colombia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, how much changes when thinking

Why is it important to stay positive

  1. When you try to see goodness or learning in a person or situation, you also see your abilities with a positive attitude. People with such thinking are more active. Have a better attitude towards society. They do everything happily and so they also succeed. It has been proved that if you are happy with your work then you are more successful. 
  2. Wat can be done? 
    • Learn from the opportunities for failure: If one of  your projects has been rejected or failed, instead of getting frustrated or depressed by comparing it with others, make a note of the two things that were responsible for the failure. Keep these in mind in the next project. 
    • Focus on the present: Focus  on this moment, not on day, hour or hour. Maybe, two minutes before you got scolded by someone, notice that the moment has passed. Why should the shadow of the past fall at this moment, right now. Remember what you want to remember and handle it well. 
    • Stay with positive people: Make  sure that the people around you also have positive thinking. Be your own friend Instead of criticizing yourself or comparing yourself to others, consider yourself better than others. 

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