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MP / biggest concern is our health, biggest crisis impact on business, biggest drawback system

Indore. On Tuesday, people of Indore Mawa Vendor Association reached the collectorate's public hearing about the campaign against adulteration. He said that it is wrong to file FIR and consider Rasuka as adulterated, non-standard due to fat reduction only. Fat depends on the feeding of animals and anyway the mawa maker is responsible for all of them and not the seller. Therefore, due to reduced fat in this way, the provision of penalty should be the same if you consider Mawa to be adulterated.

Officials also protested against the ban on the transportation of Mawa in the name of investigation, saying that it will stop Mawa coming to the city. One seller said that by mixing sugar in mawa from Gujarat, he is being called after Barfi. It is not treated as a product but the Mawa seller is caught. ADM Ajay Dev Sharma said that you will work on valid problems but concession will not be given if adulteration is made. At the same time, Commissioner Akash Tripathi has called a divisional meeting on Wednesday to review the action against adulteration.

Samples taken from nine shops:  Officers of Food and Drugs Department on Tuesday, 56 Mawa from Madhuram Sweets located shop, Mawa Katli from Namkeen's factory located at Race Course Road, Aloo Pudina Sev from Namkeen Sneh Nagar Road of Narsingh, Om Kirana from Hira Nagar intersection Samples were taken from nine shops including Dahi, Sanwaria Sweets and Namkeen Hira Nagar to Bundi Laddus, Muraliwala Sweets. They have been sent to Bhopal for investigation.

The number of patients with cancer, thyroid, kidney, cholesterol, blood pressure has increased rapidly since the last two-and-a-half decades. The major reason for this is adulteration of food and drink. Action is taken against adulteration, but not on a large scale. This is because the way the police-citizen ratio is not sufficient in the country, the food security officer-citizen ratio is also not enough. According to the report of the World Health Organization, there should be one Food Safety Officer for every 50 thousand population, but there are 275 posts of Food Safety Officer approved in MP, out of which 163 are filled. That is, there is one Food Safety Officer for every 4 lakh 45 thousand 563 people. .

There are about 5.44 lakh registered food businessmen in the state. At the same time, samples taken by the Food Safety Officer can be tested only in NABL Certification (National Laboratory Testing and Measurement Accreditation Board) laboratory. The only laboratory in the state is in Bhopal, but it is not NABL certified. Therefore, it raises questions about the validity of the report of the samples being tested. This laboratory is trusted by two food testers. Samples of milk and milk products are being taken indiscriminately, but it is not seen how long they will be investigated and whether the test report will be considered valid? - Dr. Megha Pandey, Assistant Professor Vikram University Ujjain 

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