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Separation / Miley-Liam separated after 8 months of marriage, Singer spoke - I will always love my husband

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Hollywood desk. Singer-actress Miley Cyrus married actor Liam Hemsworth in December last year. Eight months later, Miley's husband Hemsworth filed for divorce. After the divorce application, Miley confirmed the divorce by writing a note on Instagram. Miley is also facing charges of cheating Hemsworth following news of the divorce. 

Miley clarified on social media
that the singer is very unhappy about these news and has written a note to the fan on Instagram. Miley writes- "I can accept many things about our relationship but I cannot accept one thing. I am not lying to hide a crime. I cannot accept the fact that My marriage broke down due to infidelity. I was fully committed to Liam. Our relationship had soured in the middle but then everything was all right. There is nothing secret in my life. I am on I am not a factor nor do I want to be perfect. It is very boring. I love Liam and will always do it. But at this point I have to make a good decision for myself. "

Miley-Liam has broken the engagement earlier too.
Earlier Miley had issued an official statement stating the reason for the divorce as a mutual dispute. According to Singer, they both want to focus on themselves and their careers. The two met in 2009 on the set of the film Set the Last Song. They both got engaged in 2013. But the two had broken off due to news of Miley's affair. After this, the two gave their relationship another chance and got married in December 2018.


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