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Social media / McDonald said - We only get halal meat here, users said - you have told the religion of food

National Desk. In India, there was a sudden protest on social media on Friday against the chain food restaurant company 'McDonald' and trending #boycottmcdonalds for its boycott. The reason for the anger of the people was a tweet from the company which he made while replying to a user. That user had asked the company about whether or not the meat found on McDonald's is 'halal'. After this, the company had told that halal meat is available at all their restaurants, and people can go and see the certificate if they want. After the company's reply came, people started appealing for Boycott, accusing him of only taking care of the feelings of Muslim religion and hurting the feelings of people of other religion.

The person asked the question, there was a ruckus from the answer

  • On the night of August 22, the man who runs a Twitter account called @ hibailyas89 asked Macdonald in a tweet asking, "Are McDonald's restaurants in India certified Halal (a method of killing animals according to Muslim religion)?" Shortly after this, McDonald also responded to the man by tweeting continuously.

Replying to the man, the company wrote on its Twitter handle, 'Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald India. We are very happy with this opportunity to answer your question. The meats we use in all restaurants are of the highest quality and are sourced from government recognized suppliers holding HACCP certificates. All our restaurants have halal certificates. You can ask the concerned restaurant manager to show the certificate for your satisfaction and confirmation. '

Anger against McDonald on social media

  • After the response from Macdonald, the anger of the users on social media broke out. People said that how can they offer halal meat to all the people living in a non-Muslim country, whereas it is necessary only for Muslim people. Users said that non-vegetarians of Hindu and Sikhism only eat jerk meat. In such a situation, how can you disrespect the feelings of other people by taking care of only one religion. After this, #BoycottMcDonalds (boycott of McDonald) started trending on social media. Most users said that we would not go there until Macdonald would keep a 'jerk' certified meat with Halal.
  • Last month, food delivery company Zomato had to become a victim of public anger when a young man asked to cancel an order because the delivery boy was not a Hindu. On this, Jomato had said that there is no religion to eat. Still, people had appealed to boycott Zomato, citing the example of Halal and Jhatka.

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