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In the name of hiring, 6 people raped the girl in the park first and then did it

A heartbreaking case has emerged in Noida near the country's capital, Delhi. Here in the park near FNG, a 21-year-old girl, along with half a dozen - 6 people - did a horrible job. It is reported that the six men raped the girl. According to the information, the girl job was called here because of the job fraud. Upon the incident, a riot broke out in the police department. Police later arrested and arrested one of the accused. Police escape is looking for other suspects.

The girl was called after seeing the job.

Police said the victim was identified by one of her acquaintances as a job victim and called her to the park near an FNG of Kotwali Phase-3. Seeing the girl alone here, he began to tease her. Shortly afterwards, the other man also came and raped the girl.

Crossing Life Limits -

Police said the victim was badly beaten when he opposed the accused. The girl was critically injured by a beating. Later, she reached the police station and informed her about the incident. The police department was upset over hearing of the rape of the victim. The victim's family was notified immediately. The girl was later taken to a district hospital where her condition is said to be critical. Police have registered a case based on the girl's statement and arrested one of the accused. Police escapes looking for other suspects.

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