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India attacks Pakistan in UNESCO, says 'they tell terrorists' heroes

India has given a strong response to the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, which is trying to engulf India by raising the Kashmir issue on the international stage. Addressing the conference, Ananya Agarwal, who is leading the Indian delegation, made a strong attack on Pakistan. He said that the result of Pakistan's dismal attitude was that it failed miserably in the form of a country. He said that Pakistan's economy has been weakened by the hard-core DNA and deep rooted DNA of terrorism. "We strongly condemn the misuse of UNESCO by Pakistan for poisoning and politicizing India," Ananiya Agarwal said.

Addressing the conference, Ananya Agarwal said that Pakistan is a house of darkness. There are deep roots of insurgent ideology, fanaticism and terrorism. Ananya said that in 2018, Pakistan was ranked 14th in the critical country index.

Ananya Agarwal
#India exercises its second Right to Answer at the 40th General Conference of @UNESCO. India calls out #Pakistan on its hypocrisy, systemic persecution of minorities and glorification of #terrorism. #DNAofTerrorism #PakistanPropaganda #NeuroticPakistan @ MEAIndia @Indian_Embassy

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2:39 AM - Nov 15, 2019
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Ananya responded to previous statements made by Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan to the United Nations, saying that Pakistan is a country whose leader used the stage of the UN to publicly promote the Nuclear War and arms against other countries. To use. At the UN General Assembly meeting in September, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that if it were to face two nuclear weapons between handsome neighbors, the results would be beyond their limits.

Speaking on the massive attack on Pakistan, Ananya Agarwal said that it was Pakistan whose former president General Pervez Musharraf had recently described terrorists like Osama bin Laden and Haqqani Network as the heroes of his country.

Ananya said that the rights of the minorities within Pakistan are difficult conditions for human beings, yet they continue to make false statements to discredit India.

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