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View photo of Katrina Kaif taking dinner with this actor: viral

Bollywood's most beautiful actress Katrina Kaif has a major role in leaking pictures. Pictures leaked from the set of his debut film Boom are still muffled today. While his relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor was going well and the wedding was about to take place, the leaked pictures of him walking around with Ranbir Kapoor on the beach changed the life of Katrina Kaif. Now some pictures of Katrina Kaif are leaking again. This time with him is Vicky Kushal, one of the most liked actors of the present era.

According to, Katrina Kaif and WikiLeaks are going to dinner date these days. In addition to partying with Diwali, a photo of his dinner is now going viral on social media. According to the news, the two stars went to dinner for dinner at Hemant Obridge restaurant in Mumbai. However, the two stars have not yet reacted by taking this picture. Neither has ever had one. Something is said on the growing nearest to others. Therefore, the news of their affair is not being considered.

Katrina Kaif has no relationship with Salman Khan

It is often said that Katrina came into the Bollywood industry when Salman Khan supported her. Salman Khan himself said at sister Arpita's wedding that he gave Katrina Kaif a chance to become Katarina Kaif Khan but he thought it best to be Katrina Kaif Kapoor. Later, after Katrina Kaif's separation from Ranbir Kapoor, the news came to a close, but it is being said that both the stars have changed significantly. At the same time the paths of the two have changed. In this case, Katrina Kaif is going solo these days, while the star of the film Eri de Surgical Strike Vicky Koshal is quite famous among the girls, but no news of her affair has yet been received.

Earlier, according to media reports, the two went to a bankruptcy party of a common celebrity where they both appeared for a long time with each other. Even when they came out of the party, they both appeared together but as soon as the matter came to the media, Katrina Kaif was left behind. The two did not stand together in front of the media. People are now confused as to why these two are friends, so why are they so hesitant in front of the media together? The two later left the party in a separate car. This video and photo of Katrina and Vicki was shared on Instagram by Mano Manglani.

However, we will consider such news as mere rumor. Tell us that in the past, there have been reports of Vicki Kushal and Harleen Sethi dating and then the breakup. After that, the name of Katrina-Hoki was added. So far there has been no news other than the two being spotted together.

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